He has gained his experience while working in senior leadership roles within Formula One motor racing over the last 30 years. In this episode you will have insights in how an industry has gone from a testosterone driven one to a more diverse industry with women in the top strategic high level positions and teams from 35 different countries at most. But does the world need Formula One?
Listen to Marks answer in how the business has improved safety and made the sport engage millions of young fans and how a well educated generation wants to develop the fossil-free alterntives on the race-track. Finally, the pandemic really brought a new era of racing.
”Young people don’t even want a driving license nowadays. But meeting the gamers on their arena we have developed racers both on-line an on our physical tracks. You want a formula one top-driver? Look among the gamers.”
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Hjärntillskott med Lydia
Hjärntillskott med Lydia
105. Mark Gallagher – The business of Winning