Why does a man want to be a cyborg and have an antenna implanted in his head? Can the merge between a human and technology actually
mean a closer step to nature instead of the opposite? It all started with the urge of sensing colours. Neil was born colour blind, a trigger that made him explore his senses with technology.
As a musician and artist he has gathered people with the same philosophy and started a foundation called https://www.cyborgfoundation.com/
”There are so many people who want to be closer to nature with help of technology. We must admit that this can be a way of evolve together with our planet instead of increasing the distance.”
Listen to the man with very special senses and a rare vision. This is Brainfood with Lydia.

Hjärntillskott med Lydia
Hjärntillskott med Lydia
117. Neil Harbisson – A Cyborg