When Unicorns becomes Zombiecorns and covid and geopolitics has changed the investment climate we need to reskill leadership. “Biggest problem is not the practicalities but the poor mental resilience and agility to be openminded to all this changes.” Peter Hinssen is back and comments the world around us without filters. With no doubt, Europe need to find a new balance.
“We are not doing it fast enough. We are too dependent on US. We need to build our own voice our own narrative which means that we need to start to defend ourselves. It is always a clear link between national security and innovation. War and innovation goes hand in hand. Still the four most downloaded apps in US are Chinese and we talk about national security. Time to see the new perspectives. Time to reskill and program ourselves with resilience.
All this and more in the podcast Hjärntillskott med Lydia (Brainfood with Lydia)

Hjärntillskott med Lydia
Hjärntillskott med Lydia
115. Peter Hinssen – Never Normal again