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Steven van Belleghem

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Steven is an expert in digital customer management and shows the way how to manage relationships in a modern world. He has written three best-selling books, one of which, The Conversation Manager, also won the award for most innovative marketing book. Van Belleghem is also a successful entrepreneur with many years of experience and several start-up companies. Since 2014 alone, he has been involved in 3 start-ups. In addition to this, he also works part-time as a marketing professor at the Vlerick Business School in his home country of Belgium. To always stay up to date on the subject, Steven and lecturer colleague Peter Hinssen travel on an annual research trip to Silicon Valley where they take part in the latest digital findings. Steven brings all this experience to the stage to show what the future of marketing will look like. Steven speaks in a smart, enthusiastic and inspired way and it will be provocative, exciting and terrifying at the same time. So be prepared with pen and paper, and enjoy the lecture!

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