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Robert Karjel

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Robert Karjel, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, has been flying military aircraft and helicopters since the late 80s. In 2010, Robert Karjel was posted in the Gulf of Aden to lead his helicopter division on behalf of the UN and the EU in the work to fight the pirates who haunt the Somali coast. Before the assignment, he had very little time to prepare and his unit for the operation. The organization was also marked by previous failures within the armed forces’ helicopter business, where prestigious projects were forcefully delayed and many colleagues died in plane crashes. During the operation, however, the force of ships that Karjel and his division were part of managed to repel more than 100 pirate attacks and escort food and medicine to the millions starving in Somalia. An achievement that also attracted great attention internationally. Karjel inspires about how leaders create successful organizations by creating motivation in the individual. How to go from the individual’s fear of failure, to a shared feeling of wanting to achieve something great.

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