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Monica Lewinsky

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Overcoming Life’s Biggest Adversities

On Monday, October 20, 2014, Monica Lewinsky broke her silence after more than ten years, when she spoke to over a thousand young entrepreneurs at the Forbes 30 under 30 Summit in Philadelphia. – Today I see myself as someone who, against all odds, survived. Since I actually survived, I now want to help others who have fallen victim to the same kind of gambling as me. I hope that my suffering can be used and give meaning to my past, Lewinsky said. Lewinsky talks about public humiliation, bullying, how she eventually lost faith in herself and battled suicidal thoughts, but how the love and support of her family kept her fighting on. What is needed is a thorough change of attitude both on the internet and in society in general, Lewinsky believes. She believes that all of us, both private and public figures, can suffer from humiliation to the same extent. Monica Lewinsky started in 1995, aged 22 and fresh out of college, as an intern at the White House and fell in love – with the President of the United States. The relationship went on and off for two years. When their affair was revealed in 1998, it became a huge scandal worldwide, and the story became “record public”, according to Lewinsky. Within 24 hours, she was a public figure worldwide, thanks to the Internet and the Drudge Report website.

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