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    About Bestseller PR AB

    Many companies today have limited time and resources to refresh their employees’ skills and instill new inspiration and energy at work. Bestseller has adapted to this situation.
    In our seminar series – Hjärntillskott – You will be served the best knowledge available in marketing, sales, leadership and foresight. To our help, we take the main national and international lecturers to impart knowledge in the most efficient manner possible.
    Good relationships are the secret of successful business! Bestseller has created a wide network of companies where you can easily make new contacts and exchange experiences, while you can invite both your customers and employees to a rewarding event.
    If you prefer to organize your own event, Bestseller can assist you to find the best speakers and entertainers to make your business occasion a success.
    Bestseller is the company’s name since 1993, but it was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Gothenburg.