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Annelie Pompe

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Take a deep breath and follow Annelie’s inspiring and motivating talk!

Annelie belongs to the new generation of lecturers. She doesn’t just talk about high performance and adventure. This is about something deeper and more important than that. The lectures are connected to life and how our attitude to life affects how we live.

Annelie believes that an attitude can be the difference between really living, or just surviving. She believes that the greatest adventure of all happens inside, not necessarily on mt. Everest. “Thoughts affect everything we do,” says Annelie. “The body and thoughts are the only things in life we ​​can take control of. Very rarely we can control the external circumstances, but we can always choose which approach we want to tackle them with. It’s all about attitude and attitude.”

With the help of fantastic pictures and film clips, she tells about her adventures and weaves them together with what she realized and discovered along the way. Annelie does not only speak from sources of knowledge, she speaks from experience, experiences and careful research. She often draws parallels to leadership, leading oneself, courage, fear and risk management, goal focus and how to mentally get through difficult circumstances, changes and challenges. She intersperses knowledge with personal anecdotes and adventures in a way that enchants and interests.

Like Annelie, the talks are inspired by Eastern philosophy and sports psychology, topics that recur in different ways in almost every context. The lectures can be specially adapted according to the company/association’s wishes and theme based on, for example; energy in everyday life, joy of life, leadership, change processes and motivation. As a Personal Trainer and life coach, Annelie can also focus the lectures on wellness and health. She inspires you and your colleagues/customers to take hold of their health and tells you how to feel better, inside and out.

Annelie can also be hired as a personal trainer, as a leader of a yoga session, or a coach for personnel departments or management groups.

This speaker has participated in our Podcast, Hjärntillskott with Lydia, feel free to come in and listen there! You can find the episode at the following link or wherever you listen to podcasts. https://podcasts.apple.com/se/podcast/annelie-pompe-livet-är-ett-äventyr/id1295633578?i=1000480892936

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