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Anneli Egestam

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accurate comments, humor and a twinkle in the eye. As she also lectures on social competence and network building, the participants usually have new valuable contacts with them from the event, in addition to knowledge and inspiration. She is great at getting people together!

Anneli, who has a degree in economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics and a certified coach, also takes assignments in English. She has operational competence from both private business and publicly managed businesses and also has extensive experience in various board positions within associations.

Anneli is also a valued moderator and conversation leader for various networks, from financial managers to community builders.

Examples of moderator tasks:

  • Panel debates in Almedalen
  • Trade fairs; Logistics & Transport, Wood & Technology and Property Fairs
  • The conference Safe & Secure
  • Staff and company days within public activities
  • Starry evening in Vellinge municipality

See video clips in the links below.

Conversation with Ulf Kristersson, the Moderates, as a board member of the Confederation of Small Businesses.

Samtal i Almedalen med Elisabeth Svantesson, Moderaterna, såsom styrelseledamot i Småföretagarnas Riksförbund.

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