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Anders Rydell

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Anders Rydell is a play psychologist, specialist in organizational psychology and author. Anders has been working for ten years as an organizational consultant and lecturer with a main focus on the development of teams and management groups. The consulting work often includes elements of conflict management, communication training and role clarification. The lecture is characterized by easy language, pace, humor and high recognition, always free of PowerPoint presentations.
Anders has previously also worked for several years in Norway, mainly clinically with a focus on stress and fatigue problems and in a leadership role at regional level within health care.
The debut book Arbetet på jobbet- om bök og bröte i arbetslifet, Nature & Culture, 2021: Arbetet på jobbet – Natur & Kultur (nok.se) has received good reviews and the second book: Talk about communication will be released in March 2024. One of the books, even those with easy language are advantageously baked into the price of your event, as they serve as excellent work and reflection material in connection with a lecture or workshop.
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