Stefan Hyttfors

Keep up with the changes

Nokia, Kodak, Facit and Detroit – what do they all have in common? They were all big or the biggest in their fields, but they weren’t awake to signals that required action and change to keep up in a dynamic environment.
Stefan Hyttfors began his career as a freelance photojournalist and travelled the world early on to get close to the centre of the action. After five years in the USA, constantly travelling, he returned to Sweden and became photo editor-in-chief at Swedish daily newspaper Expressen. A few years later he founded PR agency Wenderfalck, which he ran successfully. Today he studies change, and how people and companies deal with this process. Innovation in a globalised, digitalised world is progressing more and more quickly, sometimes explosively. This is great as a lot of serious, complex problems lie ahead, but those who fight against developments will be left behind.

Turn Changes to your advantage

Stockholm Wednesday June 3rd

Malmoe Thursday June 4th

Gothenburg Friday June 5th
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