Sara Lund / Claes Schmidt

Values which govern our lives and impede logical thinking

Sara Lund or Claes Schmidt, as she is sometimes called, discusses the norms, programmings and values that govern our lives and stop us from thinking logically. Diversity and dissidence are positive, developmental and even essential for a dynamic society. Nevertheless we allow fear, inherited norms and old ways of thinking to govern our lives and the way we run our businesses. Who programmes your brain, and who determines how you should think? Just because you have not come across a particular phenomenon before doesn’t meant it’s abnormal, unnatural or even unusual – all it probably means is that you’re unused to that phenomenon. Because it’s not the strongest that survive! Or the most intelligent. It’s the ones who are best at adapting to change.

Turn Changes to your advantage

Stockholm Wednesday June 3rd

Malmoe Thursday June 4th

Gothenburg Friday June 5th

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