Peter Hinssen

The network always wins

Peter is one of Europe’s thought leaders on the impact of technology on our society. He has a focus on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society and on the alignment between business and IT.
Peter is co-founder of Across Group and Chairman of Across Technology and is currently involved as a coach to executives to develop perspectives on the future and how to drive innovation. He is also a board member and advisor on subjects related to innovation and IT. He develops executive education workshops and awareness sessions to address business challenges with IT solutions, and to leverage the innovation potential of IT.
Peter lectures at various business schools in Europe. He is a passionate keynote speaker who is frequently welcomed at forums and conferences around the world.

Statistics and the Future in a Strange World

Peter Hinssen
Markus Torgeby
Hans Rosling
Moderator: Lydia Capolicchio
Malmoe: Wednesday September 2nd

Gothenburg: Thursday September 3rd

Stockholm: Wednesday September 9th
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