Peter Forsberg

From Sport to Business

Peter Forsberg is regarded by many as one of Sweden’s best ice-hockey players of all time. He played in the NHL in 1991-2008 and has won two World Championships,
two Olympic golds and two Stanley Cups. In 2014 he became the third ever Swede to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame. As a businessman, Peter Forsberg (often nicknamed
Foppa) is perhaps best known for launching Crocs in Sweden, where the shoes have become known as ‘Foppatofflor’ (Foppa slippers). 

However, he also now owns several properties in Umeå and Örnsköldsvik. He has invested in several successful companies, including the airline Höga Kusten Flyg, and he has shares in the automotive spare-parts dealer, Mekonomen. He has also built a golf course in Ångermanland province and is launching smoothies. Peter has also founded Icebreakers, a foundation that works to ensure that children and young people in Västernorrland province receive financial support for health care and other treatment, for instance. Moreover, he is involved in the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s new campaign. Asked whether he finds as much joy in business as he did on the ice rink, he says it may not be quite on the same level as ice-hockey, but it is of course a pleasure to do good business and challenge oneself on a daily basis.
Malmö Tuesday 30th August 2016

Stockholm Wednesday 31st August 2016

Göteborg Thursday 1st September 2016
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