Nilofer Merchant

Creating Value in the Social Era

Based in Silicon Valley, Nilofer Merchant has started many companies over more than 20 years. Some of them are Fortunes 500 companies, others are web startups. She has personally launched more than 100 products with a sales value of USD 18 billion. She has worked for Apple, Autodesk and startups in the early days of the internet. Over the years, many blue-chip brands have asked her for counsel. Logitech, Symantec, HP, Yahoo, WMWare and many others have turned to her guidance to develop new product strategies, enter new markets, defend against competitors and optimise revenues. Nilofer is one of few people to come up against Microsoft and win, for Symantec’s AntiVirus USD 2.1 billion annual business. It is no wonder she has been called ‘The Jane Bond of Innovation’ because of her ability to guide companies to success through impossible odds.



Tuesday November 8th 2016
08.00 - 16.00 at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö


Wednesday November 9th 2016
08.00 - 16.00 at Svenska Mässans

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