Nando Parrado

Alive – The Story That Will Change Your Life

The plane crash in the Andes in 1972 – also known as the Andes flight disaster or the Miracle in the Andes – oc-curred on 13 October when a chartered aircraft crashed into the mountains between Argentina and Chile. On board was a rugby team from Uruguay who were travelling to the Chilean capital of Santiago to play a match, as well as some of the players’ friends and family. The plane wreck and 16 survivors were found on 22 December 1972 – two and a half months later.
Nando Parrado survived the crash but lost his sister, his mother and many friends. The reason he and 15 others could survive for so long in a place not suited to human life was that they had good leadership, team spirit and strate-gies for decision-making.



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