Morten Brandt

Achieve your full potential

It’s easy and comfortable to go along working in the same familiar way. Calling and visiting the same old customers is nice and safe – they know who you are, and you know what they want. Most people live one day much the same as any other, because it requires so little effort. Unfor-tunately though, you’re not making the most of your potential. What have you done today that’s new? Did you speak to a neighbour you’ve never spoken to before? Did you take a new route to work this morning, just to see a new area? Did you call that dissatisfied customer to see what you can do to win him back? He could become your best customer! By working outside of our safe comfort zone, we can achieve our full potential. Morten Brandt is a master of moti-vation and communication and a fun, inspiring, energetic speaker on sales development. He can help you to achieve your full potential, so that you can be better at reaching out with your company’s message and increase sales. Morten is a co-owner of European Business School and has been involved since the beginning in 1988. EBS is a Norwegian consulting firm specialising in strategy and competence development in sales, service and leadership.
Malmö Tuesday 17th May

Gothenburg Wednesday 18th May

Stockholm Wednesday 25th May

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