Monica Lewinsky

Dealing With Life’s Greatest Adversities

On Monday 20 October 2014, Monica Lewinsky broke her silence after more than ten years, when she spoke in front of over a thousand young entrepreneurs at the Forbes 30 under 30 meeting in Philadelphia.
“Today I see myself as someone who, against the odds, survived. Having survived myself, what I want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive, too. I hope to take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past,” said Lewinsky.
Lewinsky talks about public shame, bullying, how she eventually lost her faith in herself and fought with sui-cidal thoughts, but how the love and support of her family helped her to carry on fighting. Lewinsky says that what is needed is a comprehensive change of attitude, both on the internet and in society generally. She feels that all of us, private individuals and public figures alike, can be hit by shame to the same extent. 



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