Lena Apler

Lena Apler and Johan Möller started Collector in 1999 after seeing a gap in the market. The conventional financing offered by banks did not fully meet the actual needs of growing companies. A stronger focus on cash flow led to increased demand for credit with a short lead time – and this is where Collector quickly took a leading position. Since then the business has developed and expanded into new markets. Today Collector has also become a bank, and in June 2015 it was listed on the stock exchange as a challenger to the major banks. Lena Apler was named Sweden’s most powerful female entrepreneur 2015 by Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer, and she also made the list of Top 20 Women in Business in Northern Europe. In addition to her role at Collector Bank, Lena is on several other company boards including Platzer Fastigheter, SGP and Mitt Liv.



Thursday November 5th 2015
08.00 - 15.00 at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö


Friday November 6th 2015
08.00 - 15.00 at Svenska Mässans

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