Hans Rosling

A fact-based view of the world

Hans Rosling, a professor in international health, makes statistics understandable and accessible as he uses 3D graphics to show how population growth, the fight against poverty and the distribution of resources have changed over time.
That is what he has become known for; passionately waving his arms in front of spectacular moving graphs fed with data from global organisations’ databases.
However, he is keen to emphasise that his realisation that the world image was not accurate did not come about through statistics but through work and research with colleagues in countries in what we still sometimes refer to as the third world.
At the TED lecture website he is called a data rock star.
He is friends with Bill and Melinda Gates and on a prestigious list of the world’s 100 most important thinkers.

Statistics and the Future in a Strange World

Peter Hinssen
Markus Torgeby
Hans Rosling
Moderator: Lydia Capolicchio
Malmoe: Wednesday September 2nd

Gothenburg: Thursday September 3rd

Stockholm: Wednesday September 9th
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