Fredrik Reinfeldt

Changes in Sweden, Europe and the World

Fredrik Reinfeldt has worked in Swedish and international politics for more than 25 years.
With the creation of The New Moderates and the advent of the Alliance coalition, he laid the foundation for the longest period of centre-right government of the modern age. He was Swedish Prime Minister during two mandate periods, 2006-2014, and party Chairman for the Moder-ates from 2003 to 2015. Fredrik Reinfeldt is now active as a speaker, and is currently writing a book about his 25 years in politics, which is due for publication in autumn 2015. 
He has also formed his own consultancy firm in communication, corporate management and media. Mr. Reinfeldt is an experienced speaker with nearly 30 years’ experience of public appearances, both in Sweden and abroad. He has extensive experience of leadership as Prime Minister and head of government.
Malmö Tuesday 17th May

 Wednesday 18th May

Wednesday 25th May
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