Erik Fernholm

Inner Drive and Self-Leadership

Erik is an expert in the application of cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology in organisational development and leadership. His strength lies in making the fascinating world of modern psychology and biology something we experience on the edge of
our seats, understand, and most importantly of all, start to apply in our day-to-day lives.
With plenty of humour, inspiration and interactivity, you will gain an insight into psychological research that turns many of our preconceptions and approaches
regarding well-being and motivation on their heads. Based on the past ten years’ brain and happiness research, Erik Fernholm gives you a whole new way of looking at what really drives people, and a greater understanding of your own ability to perform
optimally. With a balanced mixture of exciting stories, exemplifying studies and interaction, he creates a true educational experience. With his engaging speaker
style, Erik captures the essence of modern problems and transforms them into new opportunities! 

Erik, Speaker of the Year 2011, quickly became one of Sweden’s most popular speakers thanks to positive references from satisfied customers such as Swedish Armed Forces HQ, members of parliament, Peab and TV4. For his latest 100 assignments, he has been
given the top score by 96% of the audiences.
Malmö Tuesday 30th August 2016

Stockholm Wednesday 31st August 2016

Göteborg Thursday 1st September 2016 
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