Dietmar Dahmen

What is the mission of your brand

A company that wants to survive in a changing world must adapt or die. As we can’t change our environment, we must change our company and make sure we fit in. Dietmar shows examples where companies that are best in their segment are still unable to make necessary changes to retain their market-leading position. In the field of telephony, leaders have come and gone as the technology has changed: Siemens in fixed telephony, Nokia with mobile phones, and now Apple and Samsung with smartphones. By ask-ing the right questions, we can discover changes and take the necessary steps to survive and be successful. As a company, we must know what the purpose of our products and services is, and keep our focus on how we can satisfy our cus-tomers’ needs when the environment changes. It is not enough to be good, or better than last year – to stand out in the marketing overload, we have to be epic! So how can we be epic? What is it that makes a product visible, that makes it sell? Dietmar has the insight! 
Stockholm Tuesday 5th April

Gothenburg Wednesday 6th April

Malmö Thursday 7th April
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