Colin Moon

The Swedes are strange... and so am I

In this lecture, Colin Moon focuses on cultural differences in general, and Swedish peculiarities in particular. He turns the idea of what is normal behaviour in working life on its head – a useful, enjoyable lesson for Swedes, who tend to be convinced of their own normality. Colin highlights ways of thinking about interna-tional customer contacts, multiculture, leader-ship and many other areas to achieve success in today’s multicultural business world. He claims that the first step in understanding customers and colleagues in other countries is always greater self-insight. We are all strange in someone’s eyes, and in the wider world may be regarded as quite confusing. Swedes are probably a bit special from a global business perspective. In his unique, entertaining way, Colin Moon en-courages us to examine ourselves and question our own ‘normality’. The lecture is designed to help us increase our intercultural consciousness in the workplace.
Colin Moon was voted best male speaker of the year in Sweden in 2012.


Wednesday 16th November 2016
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