Christer Olsson

Where are you going – and Do You Want to Get There?

Christer Olsson is the son of a fisherman who has made common sense his business concept. In 1991 he started Utvecklingspoolen, which today is Awe-some Management.
Christer is one of the Nordic region’s most popular speakers and inspirers. He has a unique ability to put his finger on the day-to-day interaction between people in a way that inspires, and incites reflection and – more importantly – action. Christer has long experience of cultural development, leadership and business acumen, and he also coaches some of the most experienced leaders in the Nordic countries. Christer’s success lies in his ability to speak in a way that’s easy to understand, so you can go home and make a difference, whether it’s in yourself, your relationship or your organisation. His ambition is to sow a seed of thought, so that you can go from knowing to doing. It’s about development and being an exploring, vibrant, learning human being. His firm belief is that everything that is not being developed is being decommissioned. Retaining is a dangerous strategy. Christer is the author of two successful books: Vart är du på väg – Och vill du dit? (Where are you going – and do you want to get there?) and Du läcker vad du tänker (You emit what you think). He is also an ambassador for Star for Life.


Wednesday 16th November 2016
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