Jim Rees

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Having completed 3 consecutive solo finishes in the Race Across America in 2007, 2008 & 2009 and going faster each year, Jim Rees has a deep understanding of what it takes to push beyond what most people think is possible, cycling just over 3,000 miles from the West coast to the East coast of America. Battling against sand storms, the extreme temperatures of the desert and the freezing conditions of the mountain passes of the Rockies and dealing with hallucinations due to sleep depravation, Jim knows about the sort of mindset a team needs to be able to perform and sustain that performance.

When things are going swimmingly well, it's fairly easy to get the best performance from your staff. The challenge for most businesses is that the environment has changed. Now it's more about how you and your team handle that change which will in turn determine your success. Your ability to respond to the unexpected curve balls and remain calm under pressure is one of the core components that world class athletes use to achieve consistent results. Using a blend of sports psychology and proven leadership strategies, Jim will stretch your teams thinking about what is possible leaving them feeling more engaged and energised to achieve their own goals.


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