Alexander Bard

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Having made a habit of lecturing dressed in wildlife-trekking shorts and a characteristic Nietzschean moustache, scribbling his notes on huge whiteboards rather than parading another predictable power-point presentation, the larger-than-life Alexander Bard's simultaneously entertaining and eye-opening lectures have consistently topped the ratings at major business and management conferences around the world. And as any good speaker does, Bard takes pride in practicing the very message that he preaches.

Among the topics Bard speaks on are:
• Homo Technologicus: History as the History of Information Technologies 
• The Ethics of Interactivity - The revolutionary move from Morality to a new Ethics in The Network Society 
• Netocrats vs Consumtarians - The Online-driven Class Struggle of the Interactive Age 
• Medialization: The Paradigm Shift from Mass Media to Interactivity 
• The Global Empire: Local vs Global Politics in the Age of Globalization 
• The Body-Machines: The Dividual as the new human ideal after the Death of The Individual 
• Attentionalism: How Network Dynamics changes Business and Marketing as we know it - forever!!!


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